Sunday, 21 February 2010


Yet another non event for the E/SDL. No suprise to see them fail with miserable co-ordination and
completely leaderless. This show is a true example about how much of a joke they are.
Saturday in edinburgh brought their EDL contingent and they got halted at the train station with opposition
from the rail workers who denied the fascist EDL entry to edinburgh at waverly station.

This then led to heavy police presence in and around waverly with opposition from the anti fascists
also. Around 30 of the racist EDL scum came intent on causing hatred and division. Other SDL points
were dotted around 6 pubs in edinburgh.

(fascist thugs occupied pub on the left hand side to be met with heavy antifa opposition)
The police moved antifascist protestors from this location then bused out the fascists (who opposed being bused out and wanted to stay in order to cause more damage) 

                                               Fascists inside and outside of bank hotel

The above location was yet another location for the scum. Police let them leave the premises later that night
in order to give them free roam to the city. I would question this decision due to innocent bystanders being put at risk from these racist thugs.

the guy pictured in the shades/phone is an SDL informant. We spotted him hanging around for a long
time making calls and checking this location for events. This all happened outside the bank hotel.
As soon as i made the snap and made my friends aware of his presence he quickly fucked off.
Any info on this scumbag would be appreciated.

Yesterdays events will hopefully make the racist thugs actions in scotland history. Their pathetic little group
has no co-ordination and the majority of the people in scotland do not buy into their bullshit propaganda.
Their ideals are an absolute farce. Especially when the try and attack islamic fundamentalism (even though america created vast ammounts of these terror groups) Its fact that they are racist due to their convicted numbers. Also we must remember that they do no oppose white extremist religion due to their fascistic
ideals which are clearly flawed.


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  1. hey wow !! i wish i were there , as i already wrote about 10 days ago !
    Great !!
    we'll get over them because hatred doesn't lead us :-) Marie ( inevergiveup1402)