Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I urge all people to stand for freedom of factual information and condem oppresion of information that is currently being oppresed by various internet sournces. Facebook has cia connections being one. My friend frequently posts alerting people about global weather change and its true sources (unlike mainstream media). There are various youtube attempts also in practice with the hijacking of accounts. Several accounts posting factual evidence about nibiru have been attacked.

There currently is a campaign to root out freedom and truth seekers, homeland security hired cybersecurity
pros to fight against the internet. The us also declared parts of the media to be the enemy. This is a very alarming statement for the states to make because of their history of human rights violations record.

Two communities i have come across  believe corruption of this kind are acceptable and they do not realise the dangers of this world diving into a new 1984 scenario.

On one instance is a very oppressive community. Anyone who displays an anti american government view point that doesnt conform with the norm is ganged up on, bullied and singled out.
Several of their mods and owner applaud this behaviour. I have met quite a few members who think the same.
Here is my final email to their fascistic ideals

"Hi ThirdEye,

Here's a summary of how things look to me.

- your opinions rile others
- a variety of different members are not getting on with you - this is less of a case of personal attacks, and more of a case of you just not fitting in
- moderators have been telling me that you complain too much. While many are valid, plenty are petty as well

All could have been sorted one way or another, but at great expense of time for myself and moderators (several times a year we find all of our time is being taken up by one individual....).

But then you complained about a moderator in the public forum. This isn't acceptable from anyone, for any reason. It undermines authority, and without authority any forum descends into spam and chaos.

You can return in 7 days or so (i'm not sure how precise the temp ban facility in the forum software is, but it will be 7 days give or take a day...) . If you wish to keep contributing, try and keep your anti-US comments on topic, and not just related to the topic in a roundabout way. And remember, all complaints go via moderators, or directly to me.



So in other words you want your board to surpress opinion. This makes your forum a non debate with no chance of new views/facts
It seems clear to me that my non comformist FACTS dont go down well, Tell me how can i be banned for factual information.
I debate in the correct fashion that resulted in personnel attacks and bullying. Suz cannot moderate as she accepts attacks
that have nothing to do with the debate. I would never moderate in that fashion (by the way i own/moderate over 2000. I know what i am talking about.

Just because i see the facts that governments (especially the us and uk) are corrupt. Fitting in lol. I guess your attempts to run a forum have gone well short of the real deal. Forum = opinion from all sides. You cannot ban someone for expressing an opinion and reporting facts. Your actions are very ignorant and tell me that your seeking to get onside with the main stream view.

I rile others? My opinions and for that matter anyone else's opinions wont always meet agreeable terms. You fail to realize this also.
Thats the whole purpose of debate. To think otherwise is ignorant. I complain for the reason that ogimos overmoderates and provides a new level of censorship which undermines freedom of thought. Your other mods? Would that be the one who totally agreed with me
on a pm? Your overbiased opinion does not speak for all. FIGURES.

Undermine authority? Even when they dont know HOW TO MODERATE. You are unbelievable. Obviously forum rules dont count for nothing. Your rules = LIES when it comes to the crunch.

Lets get one thing straight, i wont be bullied into not posting facts. I wont be told or oppressed by government puppets who troll your board and moderators who over moderate and censor FACTS. you cant handle the truth and it shows with your regime also.
Shove your forum where the sun dont shine. i wont ever come back and i WONT EVER be bullied/personally attacked/slandered.
By the scum on your board and mods.


After this episode had ended and i joined a new forum (t thinking this was not a fluke. We then decided to talk about this corruption and confront it head on. Only to be met with more fascism. Here is my email.

we live in a world of diversity. Learning to get along with others whose ideals are not our own is a real challenge. while we don't all agree in our personal philosophies, we can agree on core principles to live side by side.

we do not live in a 1984 state or environment. the rules of this forum apply equally to everyone. you will never be granted just cause to break the forum rules no matter what forum you go to or become a member of. personal attacks in forums are never allowed .... anywhere !!!

Adhering to forum rules does not compromise your beliefs, ethics or morals. You need to learn how to do what you are wanting to do within the confines of the rules. you evidently have not.

Cya!"(forum owner)


Im glad you see my freedoms as some kind of joke. Im sure if you were put in the same situation you would do the same. We dont yet live in a 1984 but unless people see these dangers and wake up and actually realise freedom of thought is being erroded then it will be too late.

An ideal you have yet to see. The freedom of expossing corruption within a fascistic system
should not be witheld and anyone who does so should be regarded as corrupt


Ignorance and lack of ideals towards a new 1984 are extremely evident here......Im done with his corrupt manner.


People we must unite and NEVER give in to this fascistic bullying. Corruption/fascism and oppression of any kind must be exposed. The internet is an ideal of freedom towards free thinking intellectuals and should always be that way. The elite dont like how powerfull the internet has become. The internet serves as a voice

Peace out


  1. You are not alone mate and I am glad that at least some of us are putting up a fight against great odds....
    My enemy is the media and I feel totally helpless when they as an organisation can quite effectively penetrate those ignorant minds into buying into their agenda. Why can’t people stop and think for themselves? Why are they not open to other possibilities beyond those words uttered by their corrupt leaders?

  2. Just cam e back home tonite and just saw this link, will come back tomoro to check better ! Antifas for ever, anyway, we got to keep fighting more than ever :-) Marie (inevergiveup1402)

  3. if anyone knows sources on the internet who form disinformation and corruption of mass thought. Please feel free to expose these people. I will never go against my morals in this blog. No matter what they try and do.
    Im not weak like some other people that i have mentioned in my article